1000 hills

next time you see an old shop selling second hand junk in the midle of nowhere, stop and explore.


Trails in Durban have Died out with the breakless street tripple barspin to quad whip, But Justin and Colin have been on a mission fot the past 6 or so months to change this.they dig almost every day carting barrows and chopping trees on earthday.they recon the spot will be running in 3 or so weeks,the first time thier rubber will touch their hard work.


Cash or Death at UNIT 11

Was a sick night ! Always good times and vibes at Unit 11!Dont miss out!


Takeing a Drive

We went on a drive into the vally not to long ago,haveing friends who are just as keen to drive and enjoy the journey and not worry about where we'r heading awsome.


Pay no cash to listen to Cash

Unit 11 is the place to be recently,Tomorow night,Cash or Death.
Il be takeing my camera with to capture the vibe.

Streetography Sunday

Looking forward to Sunday night,a buch of us are hitting the durban streets,for some streetography,Last time we landed up in and arround the icc area and got some very interesting shots,Its great to be able to shoot with out ''rules'',and just enjoy the vibe of the city at night.Will post them as soon as posible,
Here are a few pics from the last time.

                                                 Above.Graphics student GeorgeKirkwood