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passing by a passer by

This was taken about 2 weeks ago when my mom and I drove up to ladysmith for the day to fetch my licence card. For some reason I landed up doing my licence there ,althou it really is in the middle of nowhere it was a great excuse to have a few really cool road trips up.


Morris Minor

I don't remember the last time i walked out my front door with out my camera bag on my back. I think if i left it behind, Id feel like a limb was missing, and bored most of the time . Last night we went to Mug n Bean for dinner ,and i spotted this old Morris minor in almost mint condition.


after shopping snooz
Went into Kloof today to chek if the photo I entered into the portrait and poem comp was up at Fat teusday, a Gallery and shop. Landed up sitting at Rose's cafe and took a few pics that side.


self port in the mirror


what i see

Todays photographs





Going for a ride with my camera and some good music in my ears is becoming one of my favorite things to do,not only does it cost nothing but when i see something i can actuly stop instead of flying past it in a car. I was always put off by the fact that i cant go much further than kloof ,and even thats a days ride , but sitting at home infront of my laptop all day was begining to rub off on me and i could feel my lazyness growing. being on a bicycle , iv developed a hatered for Hillcrest security gaurds and taxi drivers. Iv found noeks & krannies,roads and even a castel that for the 5 years that iv lived in hillcrest I never knew existed.


1.8 happyness

taken at a beach somewhere north coast side on a day trip

ungeni street seller & vendors somewhere at some beach north coast side.

These were taken the weekend i got my 50mm 1.8.day tripping up or down the coast is one of my favorite things to do.

umgeni gaurds 50mm 1.8

more from the ride

old spooky house in hillcrest

mischievous face

just because

On Friday i found myself without a car and bored out of my mind, so i grabbed my bike and went for a ride with my camera bag on my back, being on a bicycle gives you so much more time to take in the surroundings as the pass , when I saw this guy i quickly dropped the bike and grabbed my camera. after spending a good 20 minutes speaking to him about his day ,and how nobody buys wood on a sunny day ,I got this picture. verry hard light, but it was still quite an interesting conversation that would never have happened had i been in a car.

2 photos of the day

taken while driveing up my road.

my sister in the revew mirror.




mic mac


terrence and his 20 buks

murph and mic


me being drawn on

murph and justone

terrence and his wiskey

mic being kicked about

big mirror ,and the gang

fist bump

murph and her best mate

justone. just stoner

bazookah tooth

picking mics boogers

murph and mic



mic mac